OSHO Meditative Therapies

Osho Meditative Therapies 

The Osho Bali center is a hub for meditation and personal growth processes, incorporating a wide range of techniques and practices. It combines Western therapy approaches with Eastern healing arts, esoteric sciences, creative arts, centering practices, martial arts, Tantra, Zen, Sufism, and meditative therapies. The center provides both individual sessions and group activities such as classes, courses, and intensives. What sets Osho Bali apart from others is that all the methods used, whether they focus on the body, mind, emotions, or energy bodies, are rooted in and aim towards meditation.

Osho Meditative Therapies can be conducted in individual or group sessions and may include a variety of techniques, such as:

Some of the goals of Osho Meditative Therapies include increasing self-awareness, reducing stress and anxiety, improving emotional regulation, and fostering greater personal growth and development. It's important to note that while meditative practices can be beneficial for some individuals, they may not be suitable for everyone. It's always a good idea to speak with a qualified mental health professional to determine the best course of treatment for your specific needs and goals.


For 21 days, Laugh for 3 hours a day for 7 days, Cry for 3 hours a day for 7 days, and then Sit Silently, for 3 hours a day for 7 days. The course includes OSHO Dynamic Meditation for the 3rd week, and optionally for the first two weeks, and OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting every day.

21-Day workshop to dissolve the past in Silence

“The symbol of the mystic rose is that if a man takes care of the seed that he is born with, gives it the right soil, gives it the right atmosphere and the right vibrations, moves on the right path where the seed can start growing, then the ultimate growth is symbolized as the mystic rose – when you're  blossoming oms and opens all its petals and releases the beautiful fragrance.“~OSHO

THE PROGRAM STARTS ON December 11, 2023December 31, 2023

Deva Ambu

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First Week

For seven days we laugh for no reason at all for three hours each day

“The first part… for three hours, people simply laugh for no reason at all…. Digging for three hours you will be surprised how many layers of dust have gathered upon your being. It will cut them like a sword, in one blow. For seven days continuously, three hours every day… you cannot conceive how much transformation can come to your being. When a man reaches into his innermost being he will find the first layer is of laughter and the second layer is of agony, tears.” ~OSHO

Second Week

   For the second seven days, we cry for no reason at all for three hours a day

“So for seven days, you have to allow yourself to weep, cry, for no reason at all – just the tears are ready to come. The first part removes everything that hinders your laughter – all the inhibitions of past humanity, all the repressions. It cuts them away. It brings a new space within you, but still, you have to go a few steps more to reach the temple of your being, because you have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears – they are all there, covering you and destroying your beauty, your grace, your joy.” ~OSHO

Third Week

The third part is the time for the “Watcher on the Hill,” just watching whatever is happening inside or out.

“And my effort here is to take away all your scars and all your wounds and make you aware that you are just a watcher. A watcher cannot be wounded; no bullet can pass through it, no nuclear bomb can destroy it. Just be a witness. Go on witnessing whatsoever passes in the mind, and the very process of witnessing has the whole secret in it. Then you know that you are just the quality of reflection, that you are a pure consciousness, a witness, that you are a mirror and nothing else, that you are just a watcher, a watcher on the hill. That is freedom. That’s what is called liberation, nirvana. And that man knows what benediction is!” ~OSHO


This course is for inner transformation where you cut through the layers of conditioning and repressed energy that is locked up in your laughter and tears. This process works energetically and directly bypasses our conscious mind into our unconscious mind. It is a deep cleansing and healing process.

The first week of laughter will melt all the blocked energy in your body-mind and let it flow. In the second week, you go deeper into the layers of sadness and agony that we have been hiding for many lives and you express that through tears. Through tears, you can open your heart and connect with the love energy which is often suppressed.

After the first two weeks, the emotions are settled down and a space is created for silence to happen. In this space, meditation becomes easier and the ‘inner witness’ can happen naturally. This process also helps you connect with your innermost qualities like innocence and joy.